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Mixed Reality Fotobooth

Inspired by the Dallas Cowboys AR Photobooth that we saw at a NFL game last year we thought of bringing it to Germany. We took our friends the Berlin Knights Football Team and brought them on screen for a video shoot. Mobile, portable or permanent installation a highlight for your fans. A selfie with the soccer player, air guitar with the band or Floss like a Boss at the touchdown. The Mixed Reality Booth can bring it to life!

The STANDALONE solution as a crowd highlight!

Mobile, portable or permanent installation highlight for your fans. A selfie with the soccer player, air guitar with the band or Floss like a Boss at the touchdown. The Mixed Reality Booth lets fans dive into their own world with their stars and 3D characters. Mixed Reality Booth is an immersive mixed reality installation that elicits a smile and a selfie from every visitor.

Variable in size from 40 "to 98", it presents itself flexibly in size, branding and design. Thanks to its customizable design and media, it is tailor-made for almost any type of installation. No matter if arena, shopping mall, shop window, cinema or sporting event, the Mixed Reality Booth fits in every shape and every space.

The Mixed Reality Booth generates snapshots and shares them with your fans digitally, online and as a photo print on site. The Mixed Reality Booth is optionally equipped with a photo printer, a social media connection or email delivery in order to offer the greatest possible user comfort and to generate the greatest possible range for you.

Design hashtags and photo campaigns with your motifs and branding as you like and use the reach of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to support your event and online campaign.

The Mixed Reality Booth is a stand-alone mixed reality photo station that takes the interaction of people with digital characters to the next level.

iXtendas - Mixed Reality Booth is a turnkey mixed reality application that appeals to visitors of all ages. By using new technology, the interaction between fan and avatar becomes an experience that guarantees a crowd puller. Let your visitors take a selfie with their star and share it online and as a give-away.

The villain, the princess, the soccer star and the quarterback. Everyone meets with their fans in StarMirrAR. As part of the Mixed Reality Booth solution, we provide a portfolio of 3D characters free of charge.

We optionally integrate your model or your team in the Mixed Reality Booth. We offer necessary animations or filming in a virtual studio either on mobile or in Berlin. Just contact us for more information.

iXtendas - Mixed Reality Booth, the unique solution for every location, whether in a museum, cinema, sport arena or brand center. Mixed Reality Booth the POI that guarantees you interaction with your visitors. The combination of intuitive operation and adaptable texts and graphics enables any purpose, regardless of target group and content.

Thanks to the variable design, the slim and portable design, the Mixed Reality Booth is portable and can be installed on the spot within a few minutes. Whether as a permanent installation or mobile, you decide how you want to use it.

Mixed Reality Booth offers visitors the opportunity to share their selfie via social media and photo printing. Whether sending via WhatsApp, email or link - they decide for the greatest possible user comfort. Use your event or company branding and hashtag to strengthen your campaign on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Users who agree can provide them with their data to enable sending by email.

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