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MOBILE AR: Web Browser based Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has grown out of its infancy and is now a serious tool for marketing, sales and industrial applications. Wouldn't that always be the problem: You have to install an app to use the experience. The application often dies before it even saw the light of day on the customer's device. We have a solution for that! Marker based or markerless, image recognition or free based... With this solutions, you can bring AR to almost any mobile device.

We started searching for our customers and looked for a suitable solution for ongoing projects. The challenge was that the AR experience should work without an application to be installed, across all browsers - including Safari, which is a bit uncomfortable for such purposes and in addition we wanted to play videos on AR objects. Most of the solutions were ruled out, since the pocket of a video in the browser and then playing back a video on an AR object was almost an impossibility - so it seemed to us and most of the official forums as well as reddit and co. After a long research and subsequent adaptation and development phase, we have managed to develop a application that work independently of the browser on almost all mobile devices. The great thing about it is that the content can be selected via a media library, placed on defined markers, animated or placed freely in the room or on surfaces as markerless objects.

Unfortunately we are only allowed to show you one of these projects at the moment - but on a Freaky Friday we played a little with image tracking and made something nice out of it ;-)

Last but not least, it remains to be said that we are really convinced of the solution. Augmented Reality can be brought to every cereal or muesli pack, invitation cards get a personal and interactive touch or, last but not least, posters or other print media can be brought to life. We are open to new ideas and inquiries! And if there is no solution, we will build one, promise.

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