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UNESCO City of Media Arts - Web Projection Mapping Karlsruhe

The break in reality becomes a departure into virtuality: SCHLOSSLICHTTSPIELE 2020 - digital edition! The corona pandemic shows us how fragile our lives on planet Earth are. Reality has suffered a lockdown or a breakdown and our lives are experiencing a departure into virtuality. The digital edition of this year's SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE is virtually devoted to the new earth politics. A world premiere for the opening show on August 5 shows: We have to change our attitude towards all forms of life. A selection of the best facade projections looks back on the departure into new worlds.

With great joy and gratitude we were able to implement this project for Karlsruhe Event und Marketing GmbH and the Center for Art and Media ZKM. Karlsruhe is an innovative and technologically advanced city, which has the title of UNESCO City of Media Arts, and rightly so.

We have used a lot of technologies to create a virtual and yet incredibly real-looking 3D real-time environment that reacts to influences such as time, weather and wind. Tools from all areas of everyday digital life and software and game development have helped us to create an impressive environment that visitors can experience, in which one has to look twice at times to discover the difference from virtual to real.

The dry technical facts about this project are 22.5 hours of drone flight time, 10.5 hours of 4K footage, 76.523 single images, 2000 unique trees and bushes, 14 surrounding buildings and facades, 6 great projection mapping shows from TNL, rü, Maxin10sity, DSG Animation & VFX, Bordos and Global Illumination and lust but not least ∞ Attention to detail.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the opportunity to implement such a pioneering project. Thanks also to the supporters and developers of the software manufacturers with whom we were allowed to work.

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