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Live Test -
AI add ons for the AR.BOX

ABB Race Suite - Formula E

We recently had the privilege of showcasing some of our new AI add ons at the Formula E event in Mexico City. We had some new features with us: Image Harmonization, AI Background Removal, and versatile Backgrounds. These tools are designed to transform how we capture and present images.

The AI Features

Image Harmonization: It automatically adjusts different elements within an image to ensure they harmonize perfectly, creating a cohesive and authentic visual experience.

AI Background Removal: This feature allows for precise isolation of the subject from the background, enhancing the focus and clarity of the image.

Backgrounds: Backgrounds allow guests to experiment with a variety of individual backdrops. 

AI BG_edited.jpg

Next: AI Prompts

Creative Input: Attending on-site events always brings us into contact with numerous unique opinions and ideas. For example, manipulating the image using comprehensive AI prompts, which opens up exciting possibilities. This approach could enable us to craft complete background scenes, Look-Up Tables (LUTs), filters, and objects for our images. We'll be exploring this in the coming weeks. It's precisely why we cherish engaging with visitors and at events so much!

We believe AI tools herald the dawn of a new era in photography at large. They not only streamline the photographic process but also unlock a myriad of creative opportunities. The images from the Formula E event in Mexico City serve as our proof of concept. Even when creating 200+ images in less than 90 minutes at an event in front of our AR.BOX, these images can be processed, optimized, and distributed in a way that accommodates numerous clients consecutively and simultaneously without disrupting the flow.

Real BG_edited.jpg

A Simple Solution with Endless Possibilities

For more information and updates on our AI technology, stay tuned to our website.

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