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Unleash Your Creativity with
Live AI Prompts 

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In a world where images speak louder than a thousand words, we introduce to you a groundbreaking application that pushes the boundaries of your imagination. Discover the endless possibilities of reinventing and personalizing your photos with live AI prompts. Whether for digital projects, marketing initiatives, or innovative ventures, our technology is designed to transform your creative visions into extraordinary realities.

Image Creation

Our application utilizes advanced AI to transform your photos into unique works of art. Imagine being able to turn your picture into a zombie, vampire, or even a queen in seconds, without losing the essence of your personality. Our AI prompts offer a variety of themes and styles, from apocalyptically dark and mythical to royally majestic and 60s comic style, and much more. Limits? There are none!

Uniqueness in Every Image

Every outcome is one-of-a-kind. Choose a preset theme, and our AI does the rest, analyzing your photo, converting it into text, and redesigning it according to the selected theme. Your individual characteristics are preserved, while your image dives into a completely new world.


User-Friendliness Meets Innovation

Our application is remarkably easy to use. After taking a photo, select a theme from our collection or create your own. Our AI analyzes the photo, recognizes people and their features, and immediately begins the transformation.

Privacy and Trademark Protection

We place the utmost importance on privacy and the observance of trademark rights. All transformations are conducted within a secure framework, without misrepresenting logos or trademarks. Instead, we create fictitious, unique designs that reinterpret your images in wonderful ways.


Boundless Creativity

From shops and display windows to theme nights, musicals, and movie premieres – our application opens up a universe of possibilities. Follow one of our themes or let your creativity run wild with a completely individual design. The results are ready in seconds and can be shared via QR code, email, or other methods.

We Stand By Your Side

The future holds many more developments, and we are just getting started. Our team is continuously working on new features and possibilities to make the options even more impressive. Do you have an idea or a project? Reach out to us – together, we can make anything happen.

The Revolution in Image Creation Awaits You

Our application is ready to change your world of photos at Points of Interest (POIs). Whether you're planning a campaign, outfitting a special event, or simply looking to expand your creative boundaries – we are here to support you. Contact us and discover how we can achieve extraordinary results together. The future of image creation starts now – with you and Live AI Prompts in AR.BOX.

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