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Versatility is our strength

Our expertise covers a wide range of presentation formats, empowering us to put the full potential of our technology to work for your unique goals.

Augmented Reality

As trusted AR developers, we explore new and useful ways to get the most out of mobile devices, merging digital insight with real-world objects.
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ixtenda-schenck-digital twin.jpg

Digital Twin

We take virtual imagery to a new level, virtualizing your products while including the same features they have in the real world. In turn, you can add new functionalities and evolve your product with unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform


We streamline your product development efforts with simulation tech that supports engineers, sales and marketing personnel, technical writers, and beyond.

iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform
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ABB_Formula_E_VR_Racing Simulator.jpg


When it comes to VR, there are limitless opportunities. As VR development experts, we build entire worlds that enhance your presentations, redefine what’s possible, and excite your audience.

STP VR - Simulation & Training Platform

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