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Product- BRAND Universe

When BENZ Tooling approached us to commission us with the implementation of an immersive 3D and VR brand and product world, we were only too happy to work with them on the concept. BENZ Tooling is a specialist in products for the manufacture of products for the wood, metal and composite materials industry for tool and machine technology.

The variety extends from automotive to wood and furniture construction to aviation. The presentation of this variety of products, individual and complex manufacturing techniques were shown on the basis of specific user reports, occupational sectors and branches, as well as interactive 3D-CGI animations.

Client: Benz Werkzeugsyteme

Year: 2021



As a hybrid showroom, the BENZ Tooling Showroom can be used as a local application in 3D or virtual reality as well as for mobile and web presentations in the cloud. The possibility of integrating and adapting modules and units is the key factor for a sustainable and consistent solution.

Product presentation for customers in 3D, training and visualization in VR are two of the use cases of the iVP Showroom-based solution.

Get in touch with us and find out what iVP Showroom can do for you.

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