Besjan Xhika


Hello. I'm Besjan Xhika at iXtenda.

My journey started when I discovered Autodesk Maya and immediately I was fascinated by the world of Animation. Since than, I taught myself all areas of Digital Content Creation including Python.


At the same time, I got a degree in Computer Science and Digital Communication. The other milestone in my journey was the discovery of Real-Time Engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine. And of course also here I tought myself all areas of Real-Time Technologies and during the years I have been creating experiences for Entertainment, AR, VR, Industrial, Automotive, Games and the list goes on. The current stop in my journey is the specialization in Data-Oriented Technologies and Real-Time Rendering Algorithms, until I'm fascinated by the next technology. When I'm not thinking and talking technology, I enjoy the time with my family and cycling in Berlin.