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iXtenda delivers a all-in-one product. Plug in, switch on, have fun.




Mobile, portable or permanent installation. A selfie with the soccer player, air guitar with the band or Floss like a Boss at the touchdown. The Mixed Reality Booth lets fans dive into their own world with their stars and 3D characters. Mixed Reality Booth is an immersive mixed reality installation that elicits a smile and a selfie from every visitor.

Thanks to its customizable design and media, it is tailor-made for almost any type of installation. No matter if arena, shopping mall, shop window, cinema or sporting event, the Mixed Reality Booth fits in every shape and every space.

The Mixed Reality Booth generates snapshots and shares them with your fans. Design hashtags and photo campaigns with your motifs and branding as you like and use the reach of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to support your event and online campaign.

Photobox, Gaming, Information, Product, 360 Experience

Saves time. Beyond highlighting each product’s features and unique selling points, the technology behind Virtual and Digital Showrooms can be integrated into the rest of the manufacturing and planning process. Thus, 3D models created in CAD during the design stage can be incorporated into the Digital Showroom and presented to the customer virtually in the planning stage. Moreover, thanks to the insights from the interaction with the product, the customer can customize the product, and these changes are automatically incorporated into the 3D model.

Longer lifespan. Once the digital showroom and product configurator are ready, they can be reused as many times as needed and as many locations as required. Furthermore, thanks to Virtual Showrooms, you can reduce the waste of marketing resources every time a product is updated, as these updates can be automatically incorporated into the 3D model.

Immersive experience. Virtual environments provide a first-class photo-realistic experience that makes the customer forget they are in a simulation. This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art 3D rendering that aims to make the customer interact with the products in the most natural way possible.


If anything has become clear in the last couple of years it’s that the ability of businesses to adapt to change is a critical factor in their success or failure. In that sense, more businesses realize that digitalization and cloud-based infrastructure are not a fad; they are a necessity.


At iVP our mission is to help your business get the most out of Virtual and Digital Showrooms with 3D solutions designed for the visualization, presentation, and planning of your products. From 3D real-time product presentations to digital real-time factory planning, iVP is the multi-purpose platform your business has been looking for.


A true success story in processing and using RT3D technology is the iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform software framework.

If you are interested in the possibilities of realtime 3D pipelines, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to support you.