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Our developers are well versed with gamification to build more meaningful connections with audiences. In turn, our game developers and gamification designers support use cases for education, presentations, events, and more.


For people worldwide, the learning process is accelerated when knowledge is masked by enjoyable activities. We live at the crossroads of development and fun.

Theme Games

For seasonal trends, branded content, and marketing promotions, our themed games offer interactivity with a heightened level of personalization.

TendiFlap a 8 hour sprint project

Activity Games

Regardless of location, people can communicate and engage across continents with multiplayer access to a shared game.

Garden of Harmony
ixtenda-Garden of Harmony Changi Airport - Activity Games_edited.jpg
ixtenda-retail games_edited.png

Retail Games

We redefine traditional shopping experiences through our interactive exhibit development expertise, encouraging more purchases and greater profitability. 


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