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How do we manage to make technology and function tangible and understandable? Innovative presentation methods are a tool on their way there. Boosting the role of interactive exhibits as an effective sales channel.

Exhibitions and Showrooms were hit hard two years ago due to the lockdowns. However, history shows that it is during crises that innovation and creativity flourish the most. This article will touch on one technology that has recently seen the most momentum, digital twins.

Let's face it. Participating in an exhibition is an investment. Whether the objective is to publicize your product line, boost brand recognition, or connect with your audience, it is an investment; as such, it is logical to expect results. That said, let's evaluate the cost-benefit ratio of an event with and without the use of digital twins.

Let's start with the basics; what is a digital twin?

You can think of a digital twin as the virtual counterpart to anything you can imagine. What makes digital twins so unique is that they share all characteristics of their physical twins. This allows you to interact with these virtual representations in new and innovative ways.

Simply put, by combining digital twins with virtual reality, you could showcase your products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a virtual exhibition that offers your audience a uniquely immersive experience.

Brick Building
Can you imagine the impact an exhibition like that would have on customer engagement and brand awareness?

In short, traditional exhibitions and showrooms are still important since they allow you to interact face to face with your audience—however, these events last days, at most weeks. Thanks to comprehensive solutions such as those offered by Ixtenda, you can transform the 3D model of your showroom into a virtual exhibition, where visitors can interact with your products in real-time from anywhere in the world at the most convenient time.

Contact us today to discuss how to create your virtual exhibition or showroom.

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