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What is Realtime 3D?

Realtime 3D is computer-generated real-time graphics. If you would like more in-depth information on this technology, check out this page from Unity Technologies.


What are the differences from RT3D to pre- rendered CGI?

The difference to films, images and rendered content is the possibility of interacting and manipulating the content and the entire environment in real time. 



Pre-Rendered Image - HOMAG S-200 Edgeteq

Pre-Rendered Content

Pre-rendered content is not interactive and can no longer be manipulated or changed. It often takes a computer or render farm several hours to generate a short sequence of pre-rendered content.

The visual quality is mostly outstanding, but changes to the image usually require the entire film or the image sequence to be re-rendered.

pre-rendered content can be found in a variety of Disney films, as well as CGI films and effects.


Realtime Rendered Screenshot -  HOMAG S-200 Edgeteq

Realtime Content

Realtime content is up-to-date image content that is repeatedly generated up to 60 times per second. The advantage is that the image content can be changed and these changes are visible in a second.

The quality of RT3D has reached a qualitative standard in the last few years due to the unbelievable boost of the computer industry.

Realtime content is most often found in interactive media such as simulations, computer games and other user-driven experiences.


The Schlosslichtspiele are a success story that is unparalleled in the world. But everything was different in 2020. The first digital edition of the Schlosslichtspiele thrilled over 250,000 people from 120 countries. What a success! 

If you are interested in the entire "Making Of" here is a great video, how we brought this digital spectacle to life.

You might need to wait a few minutes till the application is loaded.  If you have issues with displaying the frame, please reload your browser window or use another browser. Currently this demo application is not optimized for mobile devices (not yet 😉 )

If you would like to know more about the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE here you get connected to the official homepage. The visual content on the facade of the castle is created by Maxin10sity. Maxin10sity is a projection mapping company creating stunning projection mappings around the globe. If you are interested in their work, here you get connected to their official homepage.


Who are RT3D solutions for?

Interactive applications and environments are interesting for an innumerable wide range of applications and purposes.

Design, Engineering & Development

Implement design processes in real time and test them in fictitious or real environments. Integrating databases and influencing external factors in real time.

Sales, Exhibition & Marketing

Interactive exhibits, customized applications at trade fairs, museums or visitor centers. The ability to let customers and visitors interact with a product or environment is an advantage that creates a personalized bond in a playful way.

Virtual Studios & Film

Virtual studios for news or TV broadcasts up to feature films produced and shot in RT3D environments. Just one great example where classic props and long trips to remote film sets have been avoided is The Mandalorian. Much of the production takes place in a virtual studio, with the environment interacting in real time with the movement of actors and cameras.

Product Engineering & Visualization

From the CAD model to the photorealistic model that can be analyzed and changed in virtual and augmented reality. Realtime 3D visualizations have long since arrived in the mechanical engineering industry. Working without them is now unimaginable for many industries.



A true success story in processing and using RT3D technology is the iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform software framework.

If you are interested in the possibilities of realtime 3D pipelines, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to support you.

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