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THE CAD value chain in iVP

A red thread for CAD models based on the DRILLTEQ V-310

When we talk about the advantages CAD models bring beyond the design, we also mean the diverse use of this data without repetitive processes. Let's take a detailed look at "The Space Miracle", the DRILLTEQ V-310 from Homag. How was it possible to have such renderings 3 months before the market launch without a fully built machine? How was it possible to present concepts to customers, to configure equipment features and to be able to take this space miracle anywhere? Let's take a look at this in detail.


Pictures say more than words and sometimes such so-called CGI renderings are worth real money. If, for example, a process can be optimized in terms of operation, for example, because you can simply visualize it better. Being able to talk internally with colleagues and customers months in advance, to be able to show the machine, even before you even think about "switching on" the machine for the first time. This made it possible to plan and complete a complete marketing concept and campaign months in advance, even before the machine went to the photo shoot. Let's take this technology one step further - do we still need photo shoots at all?

Screenshot 2022-07-21 160447_edited.jpg
Workshop Planning

Whether large or small, a machine rarely comes alone. For this reason, it is only right to be able to plan machines for smaller workshops individually in room and workshop concepts. Especially when every square meter of space is important, it is helpful to take up the existing concept and to save space and work efficiently by cleverly arranging the existing and new machines. The DRILLTEQ V-310 also found its way into iVP Planning weeks before the completion of the first machine. All available and soon available concepts can be displayed, individualized and configured there. How do we further use this data? In iVP Stage, of course.

Sales Visualization

Let's imagine that processes in a machine cannot be viewed for safety reasons. We also take into account that a machine can be equipped in so many configurations and details that it is impossible to present all variants of a machine at a trade fair or showroom. Wouldn't it be helpful to have a digital sales assistant with you at all times? Explain and present special features, functions and advantages in the greatest possible degree of detail? Of course it would be. The keyword is One Flow Production Pipeline in iVP.

Screenshot 2022-04-06 090637_02_edited.jpg
Augmented Reality

For some it may just be a gadget, but this small but fine detail rounds off a thoroughly sophisticated and imaginative marketing campaign. A machine so small that it fits in an A8 brochure, can be seamlessly integrated into my workshop using augmented reality and can also be set up anywhere in the world, at least virtually. All of this without additional effort from an existing CAD pipeline? Goes! One flow production pipeline in iVP is the keyword.

Virtual Reality

To learn the operation and sequences on the machine. To get a spatial idea for the machine or even to learn how to exchange a unit. These are just a few of the countless possibilities that can be implemented in detail with VR. What is remarkable is that all these operations and tasks do not necessarily have to be carried out with a virtual reality headset, no. Of course, all applications can also be learned in a local application on the desktop. Is that possible without additional effort? Yes. With iVP we are pursuing a seamless digital value chain.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 162041_edited.jpg
Interactive Exhibit

It is only logical to think about how trade fairs can be made more sustainable and how some machines may not always have to be transported around the world. A solution for this can be interactive and sophisticated exhibits such as the SmartBox. Following the digital value chain, iVP Stage applications can also be run on the interactive exhibits. In this case, via an ingenious system of 3 transparent O-LED displays arranged one above the other for an impressive hologram and eye-catching effect.


iVP (intelligent Virtual Platform) is a real-time 3D platform that empowers industrial teams to plan and showcase factory floors, machines, parts, processes, and more in stunning 2D/ 3D and VR.

103 Midnight Bloom_edited_edited.jpg
Ulf Horstmann 
Product Marketing

The advantage of the interactive display of products in iVP Stage is that it is an absolute magnet for customers and visitors and sales employees have the opportunity to explain processes in detail.

Daniel Loddenkemper
Senior Manager
Product Marketing


It was now possible to start communicating with the target group at a much earlier point in time, a serious teaser, because we knew that it might not be like that, but that it will be exactly like that.

Vera Zimmermann 
Product Management
CNC Processing

We see that the combination of machine and virtual twin is worth its weight in gold. On the one hand we can use the machine and on the other hand we have the virtual tool to be able to show the interior, processes and functions in detail.

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