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We merge the virtual and real world

Our implementations extend to trade fair exhibitions, showrooms, production studios, and more. Throughout the process, we support marketing initiatives, planning processes, and sales efforts with physical setups and virtual environments accessible online from anywhere.


We would be happy to show you individual solutions.


As virtual booth developers, we augment traditional trade fair displays with seamless online accessibility, anytime, anywhere. We empower you to seamlessly showcase your offerings.

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Experience and
Brand worlds

Our virtual exhibition design, branding, and staging solutions provide a new way to interact that’s centered on more meaningful engagement.
By building immersive virtual spaces, we support the full spectrum of business use cases to elevate your organizational cohesion and increase your brand exposure.

Product presentation and demos

We believe in the power of visualization to drive results. Our virtual product development services leverage real-time 3D (RT3D) solutions to make complicated technologies more understandable.
Whether we’re building an AR or VR product experience, WebGL solution, touch screen display for a trade fair, or mobile-friendly demo, implementation is our forté.
Schenck RoTec
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