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The Ultimate BVB Experience: Your Interactive Journey from Rookie to a Superstar

Starting now, the BVB Experience is open in the Borussia Dortmund FanWorld and at the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, offering a fan experience like no other. As a BVB supporter, you now have the opportunity to dive deep into the black and yellow world of Borussia Dortmund and experience the exciting journey of a young player firsthand. With the latest technologies, including virtual reality goggles, and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, the BVB Experience is not only a must for loyal fans but also a magnetic attraction for all football enthusiasts. Learn more about this unique adventure and how you can become a part of this unparalleled journey in the world's most beautiful stadium.

Transforming Soccer Dreams into Digital Reality Adventures.

Welcome to the BVB Experience, where your dream of becoming a pro footballer comes alive. As you step in, register your player details and be equipped with a unique RFID wristband, serving as your passport through this soccer odyssey. Dive straight into your first challenge: the intricate world of dribbling, honing your ball control skills. Once you've showcased your finesse there, race ahead to the sprint duel, proving your pace against the clock. As memories are integral, capture a special moment with your new teammates at the AR.BOX through a selfie. Embark on this immersive journey, blending real football with newest technology. Your journey continues ....

From Digital Praise to Reality: Step into Your First Day as a Professional Athlete

Having mastered the art of dribbling, you're now up for a thrilling sprint duel. Challenge your team mates like Moukoko, Schlotterbeck, or Nmecha on a state-of-the-art 12-meter track. With cutting-edge timing technology, authentic artificial turf, and immersive sound, the atmosphere is nothing short of electric. Dash to victory and showcase your speed. It's your chance to impress and show the pros just how swift you truly are. Dive into this exhilarating experience; it's you against the clock and the legends!

Excitement awaits as you receive a digital invitation, accompanied by a first-person video from Sebastian Kehl, applauding your exceptional results. He beckons you for the ultimate milestone: signing your very first professional contract. You made it! And before you know it, Sky is announcing your move, shining the spotlight on you on TV. But the journey doesn't end there. Step into the locker room, and through the lens of Virtual Reality, immerse yourself in the pulsating matchday atmosphere. It's game time! After the final whistle, brace yourself to face the media in the mixed zone. Embrace your responsibilities—it's the life of a pro.

From Rookie Moments to Pro Milestones: Your Digital Memento

At the culmination of your BVB Experience, a treasure trove of digital memories is ready for you. Every image and video, capturing your ascent from novice to pro, is just a click away. Whether via email or a QR code, get instant access to iconic moments: your very own autograph card, the pivotal contract signing with Sebastian Kehl, your debut interview, and so much more. You've transformed from rookie to professional. Proudly share your journey, using the hashtag #bvbexperience on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. You've made it, and the world should know!

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