• 3D Realtime product presentation

    Customers of HOMAG can take a sightseeing flight through a window production machine with all of its components and processing steps with the CENTATEQ smartBox.


    Discover how companies from different industries benefit from RT3D and how real-time 3D content has made its way from games to industrial manufacturing and interactive installations.

  • Press Release Schlosslichtspiele 2020

    Media art spectacle in virtual space: Schlosslichtspiele 2020 - Digital Edition in the Unesco City of Media Arts. From the couch directly to the front of the castle - photogrammetry, Microsoft Azure and Unity Technologies make it possible.

  • iVP: Business Whitepaper

    Efficient real-time 3D processes for sales, planning and marketing. A business whitepaper for iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform.

  • Photogrammetry and 3D Capturing – Bringing Life to Virtual and Mixed Realities

    Photogrammetry and 3D realtime rendering is the ideal solution for immersive and realistic virtual reality experiences. These are the business case use for a seamless integration

  • OFP Rendering in iVP

    Realtime collaboration. CGI Rendering. Virtual Training and Cloud Computing. Providing a sustainable and effective software platform with multiple purposes.

  • Explained: Key essential of digital realtime planning

    How we collaborate in realtime, create CGI and Raytrace renderings as well as train and simulate in the cloud.

  • How XR will change planning

    Technology has revolutionized the way business is done, boundaries and continents have dissolved with the emergence of new technologies.

  • Production Plant Planning in VR

    How XR will change the way pre-visualization, planning and sales...

    2019.02.07 4 min read



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